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Watch Out For Other Holiday Specials

Fun for Kids Party Entertainment brings more songs and fun to every child and family out there. Watch out for more holiday specials. Check our website for more details on these special musicals and programs.
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The Miracle of Light – a Hanukkah Musical Production

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to let children know more about traditions and history. Celebrating holidays also helps create warm memories, which your children will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a wonderful chance for children to enjoy and learn at the same time. This year make your Hanukkah celebration meaningful with our children’s musical program.
Fun for Kids Party Entertainment performs, The Miracle of Light, every year during Hanukkah. This is a musical extravaganza starring Freckle Speckle the Clown who is out to save the lights. The evil Professor Antiochus has stolen the light from the Menorah risking the celebration of Hanukkah! With an original score, live music, stage magic, and fun magic your kids will surely have a great time understanding more about the importance and history of Hanukkah.

Fun in Learning

Every child appreciates learning that is fun and interactive. Many students who are successful are those who are allowed to experience fun and interaction in their curriculum. As parents, you can help your child understand different culture, tradition, and holidays by supporting them through fun events like stage musicals.
Fun for Kids Party Entertainment is a group of entertainers and educators who understands the wonderful learning that entertainment can bring. Other than entertainment in parties and providing after school support programs, Fun for Kids Party Entertainment also shares a unique learning experience through fun and educational musicals.

Holiday Musical Productions in New York

Musicals are a great way to help your children understand more about the world. Fun For Kids Entertainment, understands just how valuable these lessons are and presents thoughtful holiday musical productions in New York. Kids will surely delight in the magic and music that comes together in every performance.